Solar power to the people

Join the 1.3 million homeowners who are making an impact by reducing their carbon footprint. The solar industry is trying to solve the greatest problem known to humanity; climate change.

Suns up, bills down!

Becoming your own electricity powerhouse will price protect you from constant increases by the utility company and will help you capitalize on federal and state tax incentives that will reduce your overall cost of home ownership.

Why solar power?

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Reduced monthly utility costs

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Increase the value of your home

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Reduce carbon footprint

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Get state and federal tax credits

Who we are

At Solia we are on a mission to solve the greatest problem known to humanity; climate change. We are doing it one community at a time. As a collective we have 30 years of solar industry experience. Our certified sales advisors come to you powered with knowledge and passion for helping you find the solution that is right for you, your family and your home.

Our teams work in partnership with Palmetto – one of the best solar installers in the country. Your sales advisor will work to ensure you have a system custom fit to match your energy needs. Our incredible install partners will do the work to put the panels where the sun DOES shine! We work together to ensure your project is as seamless as possible in effort to help you achieve your desired goal of creating energy independence, reducing your carbon footprint while seeing a positive return on your investment.


  • Good day, sunshine! Solar is not as complicated as most make it seem to be. The sun hits your roof from sun up to sun down. Today without solar it just turns into hot air trapping heat in your attic and circulating that heat throughout your home; que the AC blast. The magic of the little photovolatc panels on your roof is now they get to work converting that sun power into electricity. There is a device called an inverter that will transfer that sun power into usable energy & viola your lights are now powered by the sun!

  • Solar power makes up three-quarters of new U.S. electricity generation. More than half a million U.S. homes and businesses have now gone solar and new panels are added every 3.2 minutes! You know what that means right? Even your neighbors are energized about clean energy.

  • Truth is we do not know! Every home & families energy consumption is different. The best way to find out is for us to get to know you so we can learn how hot and bothered your roof gets under the sun, how much laundry is being done & all of those other silly questions we ask to custom quote a system that is right for you and your house. What we do know is investing in solar pays you a return, unlike the utility companies that you pay to keep the lights on, but never will you own them or see a ROI.

  • Homeowners move on average of 5 times in a 20-year period, which means that the buying and selling of homes with solar has become mainstream. Buyers are more aware of the benefits solar has in reducing the overall cost of home ownership and are now more aware of their energy consumption in a home. They are looking at things like windows, A/C units, appliances and everything under the sun to conserve energy and save some money!

Let us help you change the world

It’s your time to join the movement. Solar installation has grown almost 75%, making it more affordable for people to do the right thing and reduce their carbon footprint! More of your neighbors have installed solar power over the last 24 months than in the previous 30 years combined. Homeowners are recognizing the value of generating their own energy—independent from utility companies and rising rates. One person can make a massive difference. Take the first step by learning how you can get started with solar...because knowledge is power.